Refresh Your Connection With Linkedin



That’s what WordPress wants to scold me about tonight?

Okay, so “scold” might be too harsh. “Caution” or “notify” might be better. But still – does ANYONE actually read this blog because it posts on Linkedin?

There are a few hundred of you who get an email when I publish. I get some interesting responses off of the Twitter posts it generates. (Assuming Twitter hasn’t gone bankrupt today.) A lot of long time friends and family see it on FaceBook.

But Linkedin? Isn’t this site and the blatherations that I put here sort of the antithesis of the proper “career building” social media content that Linkedin wants to style itself as the end all and be all of?

I would be willing to guess that I have more people viewing this site via Google+ since I’ve gotten at least two friends who responded via that channel.

Would anyone out there on Google+ or Linked in like to make your presence known to prove me wrong?

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