None So Blind


Photo from NASA’s DSCOVR spacecraft, courtesy of the NASA EPIC Team.

Go to their website and watch the Earth spin in front of you, 898,000 miles away. This particular photo is from October 6, 2016 when Hurricane Matthew was forming in the Caribbean and heading toward the US Atlantic coast.

We have multiple spacecraft which can give us views like this. DSCOVR sends down one of these about every two hours. There’s a hi-def video here which shows a time lapse of the Earth spinning for an entire year.

We’ve had nine crews of Apollo astronauts (not quite 27 men – some went twice) who have seen this type of view with their own eyes.

Yet there are people out there who sincerely believe that the Earth is flat.

I can see being a flat Earth supporter if it’s done as a joke and they have great BBQ’s and parties. I’m a Pastafarian myself, singing the praises of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But to be absolutely dead serious about it?

Think about that sort of mindset when you’re watching the US news for the next couple of weeks. Think about how tens of millions of people can be so blind in the face of overwhelming evidence, because the mountain of facts is inconvenient to their worldview. Think about the possible consequences of that blind fanaticism at the ballot box.

I try to have faith in the human race – we can send people out to see things like this! We’ve sent our machines to every planet in the solar system, we’ve landed and roamed around on Mars repeatedly, and some of our spacecraft are already well on their way to interstellar space.

Then I watch the current news…

I need to spend more time watching videos of the Earth spinning and less time watching the news.



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4 responses to “None So Blind

  1. berich56

    It’s sad how ignorant humans are! I’m being polite.

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  2. I’ve just found out NASA streams live on YouTube! Only watched a little, but what I did was amazing!

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    • Miraculous times we live in – I love watching EVAs, dockings, news conferences all LIVE from SPACE, and doing it on my phone or computer no matter where I am!


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