Perspective – October 26th

I’m synching and backing up my iPhone.

It’s taking 128GB of pictures, movies, songs, books, and apps that can:

  • let me create and modify documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, databases, PDFs
  • help fly my plane, with moving maps, an entire continent of airport and terrain data, and even downlinked weather radar
  • let me listen to music or sports or news anywhere in the world
  • watch events live from space
  • look up anything in the world on the internet
  • share video with friends and family anywhere in the world
  • give me turn-by-turn directions
  • translate video text or audio between a dozen different languages
  • monitor the video cameras at the CAF hangars from anywhere in the world
  • play video games
  • watch live television and sports
  • any of about 753,817 other things

Twenty years ago, any of this was the stuff of James Bond and Star Trek. Ten years ago it might have been conceivably possible, but would have taken days, if not weeks. five years ago it would have taken hours or days.

Now it’s taking almost ten whole freakin’ minutes and I’m impatient and bored!!

Time to take a step back and breathe…

Deep breaths. In through the nose, fill yourself all the way up, hold it… Out through the mouth, compress that diaphragm, expel all of the tension…

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