“You keep using that word…”

I’m stunned. Numb. Trying to figure out how to make it right again because it obviously can’t be true.

I’m trying to remember when I’ve felt this helpless, depressed, and upset. 

When I got the call that my Dad had died without any warning? When my Mom passed away last year it was neither sudden or unexpected, but Dad’s heart attack came out of nowhere.

When we found out that The Long-Suffering Wife had cancer? That was scary as hell and changed our world, but we knew that they had caught it early and her odds were good.

When I got the call that my first wife, the kids’ mother, had died suddenly? Yeah, that was really bad, but I had to go into “Dad mode” and get things done, so there was a delay before I had the luxury of time to process it all. Of course, by that time there had been plenty of processing going in behind the scenes, whether I knew it or not.

When I was finally unemployed after 39 years of gainful employment? I was terrified of a very uncertain and frightening future, no doubt about it. But again, there was a surprise factor of zero-point-zero-zero, so “inconceivable” wasn’t a word in a lot of use at the time.

The “Challenger” explosion? “Columbia”? 9-11? Yeah, that’s more like it.

It’s going to take a while to process this. It’s down there in my life’s lowest points.

I very literally fear for the survival of our country, and not in some existential, far off day in the future. And that’s not even the worst case scenario I see.

What the hell have we done?


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2 responses to “Inconceivable!!!

  1. I do know how you feel. It’s the way I felt on 24th June. What the hell have we done, surely we don’t have to do it, can’t we stop it?
    The only comfort I can offer is – you can get rid of him at the end of his term, for us, out of the EU is out. No way back. (sounds of sobbing)
    The world has gone mad.

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    • Mad indeed. Too many people still ignorant of facts, living in a zero-sum game world where they can’t tolerate anyone else having a better life, dragging us all back to the “good old days” which were only good for THEM.

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