And Then It Was Wednesday

(Don’t worry, I’ll get back to posting travel pictures and silly crap here any day.)

Signs and portents everywhere. Or maybe I was just putting some serious anthropomorphizing moves on the universe.

First song up on the random playlist getting ready for work was Elton John’s “Funeral For A Friend.”

People seemed to be driving even more insanely than usual, and that bar is set pretty high in Los Angeles.

There were DOZENS of robocalls to my cell phone today. Instead of maybe one a week, all with fake caller ID’s from all over the country, these all came in from the local area code and were spoofed to look like they might be from the immediate area. I caught on after the first two (and fortunately answered one from the office during lunch that looked EXACTLY like the others) but I don’t believe the timing was a coincidence.

Everyone was in the dumps at work, except for the one new guy who’s apparently a big Drudge Report and Trumpencritter sort of dude. Someone finally made him go buy cookies for everyone since he was being so obnoxious. (They were very good cookies.)

Not knowing exactly what to do next, some folks were actually at least looking at websites about emigration to Canada, New Zealand, Mars, wherever. Others were talking about starting to drink heavily. Others said they just wanted to crawl into bed with an endless supply of ice cream and not be bothered for four years.

I went to the gym for the first time in forever. 30 minutes on the bike, 30 minutes of weights, 5 minutes rowing, 30 minutes on the treadmill.

When in doubt, do something really outrageous responsible, insane adult-like, and over the top mundane! That’s the way to stick it to the Man be boring as dishwater! George Carlin My mother and Abby Hoffman Sister Mary Thecla would be proud!

And now the neighborhood skunk has gotten spooked, apparently either in our yard or one of the yards next to ours.

I’m not crying because our country has taken a hard right turn towards a cliff, I’m crying because the room is full of biological pepper spray.

That’s my story, I’m sticking to it.


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One response to “And Then It Was Wednesday

  1. Your experience echoes mine, right down to the insane driving. I got caught by the local speed camera – first time in my life – the day after the EU referendum. Fortunately it was so slight as to warrant a ‘Driver Speed Awareness Course’ in lieu of fines etc. Of the 16 people attending on the relevant day, 10 had been ‘caught’ the same day, and eight had been ‘caught’ at the same camera as me. Minds elsewhere = crazy driving.

    It’s a grieving process. Four+ months on I’m more or less out of the shock phase, and into the angry. I’ve considered moving, if only to Scotland before they decide to break with the Union. We now have a wave of UK people posting – shall we move to NZ after all? We think the world is even less safe than it was, but you never know, he may end up being hamstrung by the politicians around him. Here’s hoping.

    Keep the faith, and keep firm on your values. Good luck.

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