Retail Therapy

Not a phrase I ever thought that I would be using in describing myself.

I don’t “shop.”

I “buy.”

I generally know what I want and I just want to get into the store, get it, and get out.

I try to avoid too much shopping online, because it’s so easy to spend hundreds of dollars and have it conveniently come with free shipping. But wait, there’s more!

Imagine my surprise on Election Night when I found myself on a men’s clothing site, hunting for bargains in my size.

Granted, I was still buying, not shopping. I know my size, I’ve gotten shirts here before, I know which brands I like, and I sort of really needed some new dress shirts. They had a lot of old stock (last years’s style? who cares, “style” is not anything I’ve ever spent two brain cells on) available in one of this size, one of that, pretty hit and miss. But with a little bit of searching, suddenly I had five brand new shirts, many in bright colors (which I favor) inbound from around the country.

We may be in sewage up to our armpits out there these days, but I’ll be looking sharp as I wade through it!

(Actually, I won’t look “sharp” since there’s that whole “who gives a rat’s ass about fashion or style” thing, but I’ll be comfortable and **I** will like the way I look. Everyone else can take a hike.)


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2 responses to “Retail Therapy

  1. It was still a displacement activity in the face of mindblowing discomfort. 😀

    Good choice – I hope you’ll be modelling them for us before long lol

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  2. Ronnie

    Where’s my husband???? However seeing the results of your retail therapy–I like it

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