Holiday Convergence

A few years back there was the “Harmonic Convergence.” That turned out to be a load of hooey (spoiler alert!) but every year about this time I run into the “Holiday Convergence.” It’s a real phenomenon and it’s getting worse every year.

When you run an accounting department, it’s a busy time getting ready for the year-end close. When you run two of them, they take you away in a coat with long, long sleeves that zips up in the back it’s really, really busy. Plus we have the property taxes to get paid this week at my day job, and the night/weekend “job” is having our holiday party on Friday so I’m trying to keep track of that whole “who-has-paid-who-hasn’t-who-RSVPd-how-many-dinners-what-about-these-fifteen-people-who-always-show-up-at-the-last-minute-but-never-let-you-know-in-advance-should-we-count-them-anyway” thing. Throw in the holidays, holiday parties, putting up the tree and the lights (and more lights, and more lights, and more lights…) for good measure.

And gift shopping. (SHIT! I forgot to start gift shopping! Don’t tell anyone. Hello, Amazon?)

Meanwhile, those who are psychotic enough to have finished their shopping and are sane enough to not be running an accounting department (or two) are laughing, kicking back, winding down, getting ready for the holiday, filling the office with good cheer – while I run around with my hair on fire and a whip to keep my poor, beleaguered staff slaving away, shoulder to the grindstone, nose to the wheel!

This year we have the extra special topping on the cake in that 2016 has decided to do its best to be the WORST FREAKIN’ YEAR in the last fifty or so, while working hard to solidify its spot in the top ten worst years of the last 2000 or so. Unfortunately for 2016, 1348 pretty much has a lock on the title. (The Black Death is a tough act to follow.) Unfortunately for all of us, 2016’s a gamer and it’s got twenty-four more days to put itself over the top.

Holiday Convergence – ask for it by name when the Comet O’ Sweet Sweet Death comes hurtling in (just like in that Hallmark movie!) on Christmas Day!


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3 responses to “Holiday Convergence

  1. Good luck! Sounds a bit like the dream I had last night that I hope will make a good story for 30 Dec 🙂

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  2. Ronnie

    Shopping 99%complete. Now I wrap so the tree will be finished. Good luck with that Amazon thing dear. Hope they have emeralds and rubies (lol)

    Besides you don’t shop til Dec 24 anyway. You’re panicking way too early

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