Sleeping With The Window Open

It’s that time here in SoCal. It’s probably a coincidence that it also happened as the shift to Daylight Saving Time started, but last night it was warm enough to sleep with the window open

I understand that from Kansas City to the Carolinas to Chicago to Maine it’s snowing like hell. New York City was expecting 14″ to 18″ in the last NWS bulletin I saw this morning.

Chicago’s getting a good blast of snow also – after having the least amount of snow ever recorded in the months of January and February. Starting December 18th, O’Hare got 0.7 inches of snow total until March 11th. Normally they would have well over 24″ in that time period.

After five years of drought in California, the worst in over a hundred years, this year out of nowhere we got the wettest winter on record.

If climate change is a Chinese hoax (as our Idiot-In-Chief has stated), they’re doing a great job. If only there were a more simple theory, perhaps backed up by decades of scientific research…

Meanwhile, a week after I had the furnace going to only be a little bit frozen, it hit 90° today and we’ll be sleeping with the windows open again.

It’s so much more special that way when the raccoons howl and the skunks get spooked in the neighbor’s yard.


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3 responses to “Sleeping With The Window Open

  1. Well, we won’t hit 90 but we might get into the low 60s which is good enough for me to be out in the garden in a tee shirt, and the guinea pigs to be mowing the lawn for me. And for me it’s the racket the birds make in the early morning that’s so special!

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  2. Ronnie

    And the fan on. YEAH

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