Yeah, I know how the math works. It still catches the eye. And our gas is still about 50% more expensive than it is in 90% of the country.


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3 responses to “Symmetry

  1. Pretty. Is that $29 for 9.669 gallons? I have a lot of trouble changing that into £ per litre, but our local cheap garage where I fill up whenever possible it was £1.16 per litre today, and that’s about 5p cheaper than most other places around here a month ago. I think we’re about 2x your price.

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  2. berich56

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    There are 3.79 liters to a gallon. Therefore, $2.999 per gallon is $.79 per liter. Using today’s exchange rates, that works out to £.63 per liter. So yes it is about half. 54% to be correct :-}

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