A Belated Birthday

Yesterday was this website’s fourth birthday. None of you need to feel guilty about not bringing cake and/or ice cream (that new Byers/Dryers double chocolate with peanut butter cups in it is EXCELLENT!) since I forgot the occasions myself until I got a “congratulatory” email from WordPress.

In past years I’ve done a scorecard of sorts – not this year, I’m too freakin’ busy by at least an order of magnitude, if not two. That’s a good thing, especially since I started this site to keep myself occupied while I was unemployed. I thought the employment issue would go away in a month or two – again, off by an order of magnitude, so the fact that I’m stressed and busy is A GOOD THING! (…he said, sounding way too much like he was trying to avoid being sent to the cornfield by Anthony…)

I will note that after those 1,461 days, this will be post #1564. I remember as a child my mother once referred to me as having “diarrhea of the mouth” since I was always talking and telling stories. If she only knew that it wasn’t obnoxious, it was training. Okay, it was obnoxious, but it was also training!

On a probably unrelated note, tonight The Long-Suffering Wife asked how old I was. Call me crazy (that’s your cue), but isn’t that the sort of thing spouses know about one another? Perhaps between this and that there was a small rift in the space-time continuum?

Whatever. Happy birthday, WLTSTF! Everyone have some ice cream!


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3 responses to “A Belated Birthday

  1. Happy birthday, big blog!


  2. Ronnie

    You are ageless dear


  3. Happy birthday to you – happy birthday to you – happy birthday deeeaaar crazy (see, I didn’t forget) – happy birthday to YOOOUUUU!!! 😀


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