Autographed Celebrity Photos

Los Angeles being what it is (and THERE’s a loaded statement for you!) you can’t go anywhere without seeing an autographed celebrity photo behind the counter of your neighborhood restaurant, liquor store, doctor’s office, fast food joint, or dry cleaner.


In this town, if you don’t have at least a couple black & white head shots with something illegible scrawled in glittery Sharpie across the front, you must either have only been open a week or you have a psychotic fear of autographed black & white head shots. “To the best pizza place west of Valley Circle! Love, Mitch!” “Thanks, doc! What would I do without you?” from that guy who’s the part time recurring character from the third season of that show you can almost remember seeing once or twice.

It makes me wonder how they get there. I was in an office the other day and saw pictures of Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Michael Dorn, Vin Scully, Chick Hearn, a couple of astronauts… Okay, so it was the office of an FAA flight surgeon, but still it got me to thinking about the logistics of the whole thing.

Does Mister Cruise wander around with an envelope full of head shots? You know, so just in case he runs into some shop and is recognized he can whip out a photo to scrawl on.

Do they have an assistant who follows them everywhere and keeps notes on where to send photos? Or do they wait to get recognized and have someone ask for a photo, at which point an executive assistant intern will sign one for you and send it back to the restaurant/office/bar/pizza place?

So many questions! (So little sleep…)

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  1. The agent has them and sends out to as many places as will give the actor or celeb houseroom đŸ™‚

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