The Marathon Runner’s Mindset – June 4th

I’ve written about it before, but tonight it occurs to me, when I get tired enough and desperate enough to listen, that it’s the road that needs to be taken.

Suffice it to say it’s been a rough week so far as demands on my time and pressure to get things done instantaneously if not sooner. And not just one thing, but at least three, which means the other things I would have been doing, or at least would have liked to have been doing, will go on the back burner, in turn creating pressure to get them done later as this particular little train wreck just keeps piling up and derailing cars behind me as far as the eye can see.

After a bit of panic, anger, bargaining, and denial (I may be doing those in the wrong order) it occurs to me tonight that the way out truly is through, as Robert Frost taught us.

That’s going to be a hard road. I’m already tired, and it’s going to get a lot worse.

But it’s finally clear to me that I’ve done this before, both in terms of running and in terms of the analogy with life. I wasn’t looking forward to doing it again – but I can if I have to, and apparently I have to.

With that, it’s amazing how much better I feel, at least having a plan and a direction. It’s a sucky plan and the direction is way, waaay over the horizon – but I still feel better.

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One response to “The Marathon Runner’s Mindset – June 4th

  1. We seem to be in the same patch. Thanks for the advice. ‘Through’ it is!


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