Time To Invest In A UPS

Some days…

After I got home tonight I came into my office to do a “five minute job” (before going back to watch the ballgame while playing the most boring video game in the universe). Five hours later…

Seems there was a four or five minute long blackout this afternoon. Probably has something to do with the 108° temperatures again today.

Whatever the cause, my computer system did not enjoy it. Started running repairs, scans, diagnostics. Finally got to the point where the Dell software reallly, REALLY wanted to update the BIOS and firmware.

Having a recent backup set will embolden one, I guess. However, I have to wonder if the dozen or more little fits, starts, boots, reboots, almost-there-nope-not-quite-let’s-start-over-again reboots were part of the process or just a way to make me insane.

A decent UPS (not the shipping company, an Uninterrupted Power System) can’t cost THAT much, can it?

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