55 Days And Counting

Unless you’ve been in a cave without internet, television, radio, newspapers, or any kind of contact with the outside world…

Well, first of all, if you have and you’ve just come out, STAY OFF OF TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and whatever you do, DON’T WATCH THE NEWS!

Trust me on this one.

But aside from THAT, there’s this celestial event coming up on August 21st that you might want to think about finding a way to see. There will be a total solar eclipse, one of the singular most fantastic and astonishing sights to be seen by citizens of this planet. This particular total solar eclipse will be huge in terms of the number of people able to see it and the number of major metropolitan areas it will pass over or near. From Oregon to South Carolina, the path of totality will cover fourteen states. (THIS is an excellent site to see where totality will be, for how long, at what time, and so on. For more general questions, go here.)

As the big date approaches, you’ll be bombarded with news and articles. Not allowing for people not able to see the most spectacular parts of totality due to cloud cover, there are more than 12,000,000 people who be able to see the eclipse without leaving home. Counting people from major metropolitan areas (such as Atlanta) who are only a couple hours’ drive from the path of totality, it could easily be 40,000,000 watching.

It could be the biggest traffic jam in the history of the world. And totally worth it.

Not only will you be seeing a gazillion words from the mainstream media and online folks, you’ll be seeing quite a bit from me as well. We’ll be in the Kansas City area. Our hotel is already in the path of totality, so if it’s clear we can just go out into the parking lot and get 1:52 of totality. With a little driving out onto the back country roads of Missouri and Kansas so that we end up closer to the center line of the totality path, we’ll get 2:38 or so, near the maximum amount.

Weather will be the joker in the deck. We’ll spend Sunday watching the weather forecast and planning. If the Kansas/Missouri area is going to be totally socked in, we’ll start driving, either northwest into Nebraska or southeast toward Nashville.

If you’ve got questions, ask ’em! If you’ve got plans, share ’em!

Where will you be on August 21, 2017?

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  1. You lucky people. Mind you, I think my trip to Svalbard was the best trip of my life. 😀

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