Music Of The Night – July 4th Edition

Between one thing and another we’re not at a fireworks display tonight, which is unusual for us. Be that as it may, it’s not like we don’t hear them.

Here’s the audio off of a video I tried taking with my iPhone a while ago. The moon didn’t show up for beans in the video, but the sound tells a tale.

Note that there aren’t any public displays of fireworks within at least ten miles of us – everything you hear is being shot off by locals. Of course they’re all blatantly illegal, and yes, the state is dry as a bone with brush fires everywhere. These are from Sunday, June 25th, a fire that was just a couple miles from the 78 homes we’re building in Santa Clarita:

Enjoy the pyrotechnics, everyone! Happy Fourth of July to the US of A!

As long as that big orange glow doesn’t start up in the dry brush near our (your) house tonight, we’ll be celebrating the 5th of July as well.


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