Rock Sitting At Dusk

In our front yard there’s a rock, about the size of a foot stool. Except for the fact that it’s not padded the same as a foot stool (and will, in fact, make your butt go numb if you sit there too long) it’s a really great place to sit and watch the sun set and the stars come out and the neighborhood go by.

I used to sit out there many, many nights because it was a favorite place of the Jessie pup. I could sit and browse my social media or read or whatever, while she guarded me from rampaging hippopotamusses. (She must have done a great job – I never got rampaged on!)

Tonight, way over there on the far left, you can just see Jupiter.

In the original of this image, just between the trees about halfway to the top above the street light, you can see Regulus shining in Leo. I know that Mercury should be there just below and to the right of it, but there’s no way that the iPhone will pick that up.

A half dozen bats were flitting around in this picture, but they’re too small and fast to show up. I do love the silhouettes, though.

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