That Moment, August 3rd Version

That moment when you’re taking the recycling stuff out to the barrels at the curb because they’re going to get picked up at O’Dark Thirty tomorrow morning and it’s dark outside now so you flip on the front porch light before you go out and while it doesn’t give a ton of light it’s better than nothing so with your arms and stuff piled up eye high you step off the porch and peek around the boxes just in time to see a couple of somethings hovering in the air in front of you and it’s too late to stop as you step into what you realize is a FREAKIN’ HUGE spider web and once you’re through it and it’s on your face and arms and in your hair THEN of course you stop in borderline panic but there’s nothing you can do really because you STILL have your arms full of all of this loose junk so while you try to decide if you should drop it and get the icky creepy spiderweb off of you you come to realize two things the first of which is that you’ve stopped right where that wonky sprinkler head hits more of the sidewalk than it does the grass and it’s now soaked your pants leg and is working on filling your shoe and the second of which is that the things you saw hovering in the air by the spiderweb were in fact THE SPIDERS which are now freaked out of their minds on your head and going toward your neck and you know if they go down inside the collar you’re going to fling the recyclables all over the yard out where they’ll get soaked by the sprinklers while you tear off your clothes right there in the front yard and do a crazy dance screaming about spiders and of course the neighbors won’t think that odd at all and all you can think is, “How is it conceivable that this week somehow did NOT suck enough already?”


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2 responses to “That Moment, August 3rd Version

  1. LOL Sorry, no sympathy here 🙂

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  2. Ronnie

    Wow. Taking out recyclables is more exciting then I realized


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