I Can Take A Hint

I can take a hint, really!

It was a day when I was on schedule to get to the office on time, when I hit EVERY. SINGLE. DAMNED. RED. LIGHT. BETWEEN. HERE. AND. THERE! Even the ones on the little tertiary side streets where there’s only a light there because there’s an elementary school  at or near the corner and you only normally get a red light about once a month, maybe. But school was out today, so there was zero reasons for the lights to be red, but they were anyway. BECAUSE.

Now my wifi and internet keeps popping on and off line about every thirty seconds and I’ve already typed and re-typed this like five times and then lost it before saving so I’m now saving like every ten seconds and I can’t even get it typed in on my phone using the cell network. BECAUSE.

When you don’t have a half hour or forty-five minutes to write up something nice with some thought behind it so you’re trying to just throw up a five-minute bit of fluff and THAT ends up taking you an hour but you’re too stubborn to give up and declare victory and walk away – that’s when you’re me tonight!

But I now realize that all of these were hints, hints from the Powers That Be that I’m not supposed to post anything today. My job is to be in tune with the universe, read the tea leaves, let the Force flow through me, and realize that I’m not supposed to post anything today.

So I won’t. I can take a hint.

P.S. – This is the La Tuna Canyon brush fire as seen from my office this afternoon. I’m posting it:

a. Because I’m blaming the heat for all of the universal oddness going on around here, and;

b. While I can take a hint and not post anything today because that’s what the universe wants, I’m posting this because pbbbbbbbbbhhht! The Universe can go screw itself, I’m posting anyway!

c. I’m adding a new category to my site, since that’s what I seem to be doing about nine days out of ten. Hopefully it’s indicative of “whining while trying to remain upbeat and vaguely humorous” instead of “whining while just being an annoying, privileged pain in the ass” – could go either way on any given day.


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6 responses to “I Can Take A Hint

  1. To subdue my anger on the roads and have a more spiritual (?) view on things, I try to look at red lights as a blessing — they are keeping me from being in a place where something bad (like an accident) might happen if I were to otherwise speed along willy-nilly and get to that place (wherever it might be) sooner than the universe wants me to. It doesn’t always help, but mostly it does.

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    • I can’t help you with the wifi. You’re on your own with that one.

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      • It had to be something local – all of the computers with hardwire connections were also losing connection, so it was at least the cable. When I couldn’t get anything more than a weak signal on the LTE system, that meant that it might be something even more widespread. But after about twenty minutes it came back on – patience wins another round! We all know how patience and calm, rational thinking are my strong suit!

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    • That’s a good attitude! You would LOVE Los Angeles – a few hours here and you would be so stinkin’ spiritual that the Dalai Lama would be asking you for guidance!


  2. Has anyone written “The Zen of LA” yet?

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