The topic of bats came up the other day in a different context over on FaceBook. Yesterday evening I was out “rock sitting” (sans canine, of course) and tried to take a picture of one or two of them.

(“Rock sitting” comes from a large, foot stool sized rock that sits by the steps in our front yard. It’s the right size and shape to sit on and chill and I used to do it all the time when we had Jessie. She would sit out there at sunset every night and survey her neighborhood, while I would chill and play Angry Birds or check email. I haven’t done much rock sitting since Jessie’s gone, but a few times recently I’ve remembered and gone out there to relax for a bit at sundown.)

The bats are small and we get a dozen or two spread out up and down the block on many evenings. They’re tough to photograph since they’re flitting and darting and bobbing and weaving constantly. It’s also a time of night when it’s getting dark, so the lighting is an issue.

Last night we had a patch of pink clouds glowing and a couple of bats kept flying overhead and being silhouetted against them. I tried using my iPhone to hold steady on that patch of bright clouds, fixed focus, and then snap a few pictures when I saw a bat heading in that direction. A brute force method, but if you take a couple dozen pictures like that, one or two will kinda sorta maybe show a black dot that’s a bat.

It’s a start.


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5 responses to “Bats

  1. Ronnie

    They are choreographing their Halloween spectacle

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  2. I love bats. Do you know what type you get?

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  3. I absolutely love bats. When my brother and I were younger, every once in a while, my mom would let us swim at night (we had a small, above ground pool in the yard) and when the bats would come out, we’d make noise so they would hover overhead, near us…and it would drive my mother nuts. At the time I didn’t realize it must be driving the bats nuts as well. But it was fun to make my mother a little crazy. Till she’d had enough and we had to get out. That wasn’t fun. Of course we didn’t learn and did it all again the next time she relented and let us out at night.

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