The Wisdom Of A Friend

I paid attention to it tonight.

With the merger, all of the regular workload, my workload from the CAF on weekends, plus, you know, life, it’s easy to forget about the simple pleasures.

A month ago, on the plane back from Kansas City after watching the eclipse, I started re-reading one of my favorite books, Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising.” I got a big chunk of it read on the plane – but very little since then. A few pages here, a half chapter there.

Earlier this year when I went to visit Consonance, the annual Bay Area filk convention, I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. While chatting and catching up, he mentioned that he had retired. (He’s a few years younger than I am, so yes, I’m jealous, but that’s not the point.) When I asked him what retirement had brought, he had a profound observation. Paraphrased, he said, “I can read any time I want to, and if I start a book and it’s really good, I can stay up all night to finish it without worrying about getting up and going to work the next day with no sleep.”

That’s going to be one of the BEST things about retirement when I get there.

So today when I took off “early” from work at about 18:30 and I was alone in the house, instead of watching the ballgame or working on my CAF accounting or doing hours of household chores, I sat down and finished another couple hundred pages of “Red Storm Rising.”

It was wonderful.


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