Make Art – December 18th

Good plan – except that Adobe has decided to disable and destroy my old version (CS3) of Photoshop, which I’ve been using for years. Apparently my only options are to buy a new version at hundreds of dollars or to “subscribe” to the online version at something like $20 a month.

Which feels like the proverbial straw…

What will irfanview do for free?

Some days it’s either force yourself to do something artistic or just go stand out in the middle of the street, naked, screaming at the top of your voice until they Taser you.

Today I made art.

Tomorrow’s another day.


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2 responses to “Make Art – December 18th

  1. berich56

    I hear you. I bought a new computer the other day; first time in 10 years! I had the complete Office 2007 package on my old computer. I couldn’t find the original disks, suprise. So I checked out what an upgrade would cost. What do you mean that I have to pay a yearly fee. Where’s the one time I paid for it fee? I did find the disks to the slimmed down version of Office 2010. I will make due with that for now. But I already miss Publisher!!
    I hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.

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  2. I moved to Gimp, which is a free program, which does most (I think) of what Photoshop did and maybe more, and probably in a similar way.


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