The Christmas Card Wheel Turns

The cards have gone out. Late, but they’re out. Normally we try to get them out by mid December so everyone has them by Christmas, but that wasn’t happening this year.

The first batch (about half) went out last Wednesday and started showing up in people’s mailboxes on Tuesday. The second batch went out yesterday, and the final batch went out today.

And today the first returns started coming back.

It’s something of a “circle of life” thing. Start with a list of relatives, friends from SF fandom, work connections, high school classmates, and college classmates. Over the course of a few years a few new names get added every year while a few more get dropped as people move and we lose touch.

Something happens (like a high school reunion) and the address list gets updated. People once lost get reconnected and go back on the list.

New connections are made (like going on staff at the CAF SoCal Wing or getting a new job) and the address list gets added to. The list grows again.

Then time passes, the cycle turns, and every year there are a couple dozens of returns. Folks moved and, much to my amazement, dropping a change of address notice to me so they can get an annual family Christmas card isn’t their top priority.

The toughest ones are starting to be the “deceased” entries on the list. The Springfield High School Class of 1974 is all in their sixties now and it’s starting to show.

If you’ve gotten a card in the past, don’t get one in the next few days, and you still want one, please let me know. If you’ve moved in the last year or so and you want to stay on the list, let me know. If you’ve never gotten one of our family Christmas cards and want one, let me know. (It’s not a tough list to get on, I’m pretty touchy-feely about the keeping-in-touch and spreading-the-holiday-cheer crap.)

Given appropriate privacy concerns, it’s probably best not put put personal information in the comments. I would suggest you can either send emails to, send a private message to me on Facebook, or send me a text message.


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