How Early?

I am not a morning person.

There was a time I remember getting up at about 5AM every day, anxiously eager to see what the day would bring. That’s because in a very full house, getting up early like that gave me at least an hour to sit and read while everyone slept. It was the best. Then I hit second grade and it’s been somewhat downhill ever since.

Now, were I to be given the choice, up by the crack of noon would be about right. Those signing my pay check have other thoughts, but one of the best things about my current job is that I’m only ten minutes away, so I can push that snooze button quite a bit before scrambling to hit the road.

Unless, like tomorrow, I have an earlier start to the day and at a remote location that I’ll only get to after more driving than I normally do in a week, in very heavy duty LA rush hour traffic to boot.

Smart phones to the rescue?

What I really need is one that starts shouting, “If you’re not in the car in sixty seconds you’re NEVER going to make it on time! Fifty-nine! Fifty-eight! Fifty-seven…”


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