Saved By The Toilet?

While there are most certainly circumstances in life in which the toilet can be a savior, today’s act of salvation might not one that works exactly the way one might expect given the overly dramatic and click-bait-ish title. Nonetheless…

I’ve mentioned, repeatedly, that I truly hate Daylight Saving Time. Not news.

I’ve mentioned in the last couple of days that I’m NOT a morning person. Also, being busier than God the last few weeks (okay, months, actually) my one day to usually sleep in a bit is Sunday. But not this morning for whatever reason.

We do the Sunday morning breakfast out thing, get groceries, I’m plopped down in the big, cushy, comfy chair and thinking that against all of that sage advice on the internet, this might be a really good opportunity to take a little nap – when disaster strikes!

The toilet breaks! One of the bolts that holds the tank onto the base has snapped and there’s water starting to flood the bathroom! Red alert!

Well, at least a pale shade of pink alert. We do have two other bathrooms so it’s tempting to go take that nap after the water is shut off and the mess cleaned up.

Protestant Work Ethic! Catholic school education! Nuns with yardsticks looming out of my memory like Jacob Marley wailing and rattling his chains with enough guilt to make any Jewish mother proud! (Wait, how did I get three different religions pissed at me in one paragraph with just the thought of a nap?)

Off to the hardware store. Get the parts, fix the toilet. And as long as I’m at the store, pick up the parts for another small repair that’s been neglected. Oh, and get 9-volt batteries for all of the smoke alarms since we’re supposed to change those with Daylight Saving Time as our reminder.

Do this. Do that. Oh, wait, there was one other thing I wanted to get done in the garage today, come hell or high water. But to do that, I need to do this other thing. As long as I’m doing that, why not…

Twelve hours later, we’ll see if being on your feet pretty much all day and working yourself into a totally exhausted state cleaning and moving and cleaning and throwing out and organizing and cleaning is an effective method of battling the Daylight Saving Time Blues.

I know it’s done wonders for the leg cramps that plague me at night – I’ve been having them all afternoon and evening as well.

Which self-inflicted force will win out tonight? Exhaustion? Cramps? Artificial jet lag?

Tune in tomorrow for our next exciting episode of “Battlefield Paul!”

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One response to “Saved By The Toilet?

  1. Good luck! Europe doesn’t change till the end of the month, so I’ll have to remember there’s an extra hour (or is it an hour less?0 between us now.

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