Moving Out & Moving On – April 7th

They say, “write what you know.” What I know right now is that I have something like 47 days (fewer would be better) to get everything we own out of the house I’ve lived in for over 27 years. You, as my loyal minions, are probably going to get a lot of this for the next couple of months.

It’s going to be an exciting adventure!!! I’m really looking forward to it as an enlightening growth opportunity! (Hi, Donielle! I’m drinking the Kool-Aid!!)

The strategy is to divide and conquer:

  1. What is going to our next home? There’s some uncertainty here since it’s not clear how much room we’ll have – since we have no freakin’ idea at all where we’re going. Will it be a small two-bedroom apartment? A large three-bedroom apartment? A three-bedroom house with a garage and maybe 1,800 square feet? A 400 square foot “extended stay” hotel room?
  2. What’s getting tossed? With a big house and decades to fill it up, there’s a fair amount of stuff that’s gone into the “I’ll take care of / fix / use this one of these days, real soon now!” category. I might not be quite as ruthless in culling this group as I should be, but I’m a **LOT** more ruthless than I’ve ever been in the past.
  3. What’s getting donated? There’s a lot of clothing, toys, books, dishes, etc that is surplus, but still perfectly useful and function. Some of it’s going to the kids, but a lot of it’s going to Goodwill and the thrift stores.
  4. What’s going to storage?
    1. And which storage? Some stuff is organized and going there to wait for the big move to our “forever home” out there in the retirement-based, not-living-in-California-ever-again future. But that future is years away, with the number of years also being a big unknown. So that stuff is going into long-term storage.
    2. There’s also a huge time factor involved with us getting out of this house, so there’s a lot of stuff that’s not an immediate “throw out” but may or may not be stuff to keep. There’s just no time to figure that out right now. For that there’s a second storage area that’s intended to buy me some time to work through that process after escrow closes.

It’s not quite like planning the D-Day invasion of Normandy, but it’s all non-trivial. Then, of course, my boss still expects me to show up at work on those pesky weekdays.

Come along for the adventure. Sorry, the EXCITING adventure!

Or ignore everything other than the critter pictures. Or mute me for two months.

Or offer snide comments and smartass commentary. Yeah, that would be the best of all!


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2 responses to “Moving Out & Moving On – April 7th

  1. Mark Willett

    If you happen to come across the stuff I gave you to hold for me when I went in the army please keep it for me. Thanks!
    That would include my baseball card collection, my favorite T-shirt from Ricky Nelson, and my baseball hat from the Kansas City A’s. I know now that Lori stole my violin and someday I hope to get that back from her.


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