It Snow Use

It’s melting.

Spots that are in the shade most of the day aren’t showing much change, of course.

On the other hand, spots that saw a lot of sun are almost clear.

There are some big piles where snow was shoveled or plowed to get it out of the way. They’ll last for days or even weeks. But for the most part it will all be gone before we leave next week.

I understand that none of this is news, or even interesting, to those of you who live with snow. I haven’t in over 40 years, wasn’t expecting it at all now, and it’s novel.

And I’m having fun at FilkOntario! It’s a good place to be this weekend.


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2 responses to “It Snow Use

  1. We’ve just had our highest April temp for seventy years, 82. That’s up from 50 last week.


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