News, Via Paul

So, while I was cryptic (i.e., trying to be clever, and probably failing) last night:

  1. We’re not going to be homeless. Now, understand that “homeless” is way, way too strong of a term, since it generally signifies someone living on the street or in their car with nowhere else to go, often impoverished. We would be a long way from impoverished, but if things hadn’t worked out in our search for a new place, the plan was to move into an extended stay hotel for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. It was not something I was looking forward to.
  2. Something mentioned in the song has to do with the street name that our new house is on. It’s a mnemonic if you’re me – it’s just a “huh?” moment if you’re not me.

Bottom line is that we have at last found a house to rent and we’ll start moving in tomorrow. This will be a “fun” weekend, if by “fun” you mean 20 hour days and more strenuous physical labor than I usually have in a year.

But we’ve now removed most of the uncertainty and we can start moving full speed ahead. Before I was trying to prioritize hauling stuff to storage and juggling scenarios like a demon.

“What if we get a house? What if we get a big apartment? What if we get a small apartment? What if it’s a townhouse and we have stairs? What if we end up in that extended stay hotel? What goes where and when does it have to happen for each of these scenarios?”

Now we know, so it’s time to get ‘er done.

I’ll send pictures. Assuming I have internet access. (If you get one quick thing from my cell phone or iPad, you’ll know we didn’t get the computers re-assembled or the internet services turned on yet.)

See you on the other side!

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  1. That’s good news. Good luck! And don’t overdo it, although I suspect you’re pretty much in training for moving all those boxes and furniture now.

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