Transition Via Sunset

The time has come.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there are a very limited number of sunset pictures to be posted with this palm tree and those background trees in view. We’re moving after over twenty-seven years at the same address.

This was taken tonight as I was loading the van with the first loads of “small” stuff going to the new house. There have been literally TONS of small stuff and not so small stuff sent to storage over the past two months via my overworked and overloaded van and the one long weekend with the U-Haul truck. But today our lease started on the new place and after work the first loads got taken there.

Welcome to the new sunset view. We’re just 186 higher in elevation but instead of being at the bottom of the hill, we’re up at the top. And while our house is clear of trees to the west, there are a few in the neighbor yards across the street.

No worries. That’s still a nice sunset. And a nice skyline with Castle Peak on the Ventura/LA County line silhouetted just to the left of the group of palm trees.

And if you peek through those palm trees tonight you can find Venus, nice and bright.

I’m going to have to get that telescope back from storage soon.

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Filed under Astronomy, Castle Willett, Photography

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