Moving Out & Moving On – May 11th

The “adventure” continues.

We’re about 43 days into our 60 day escrow, with the goal of only needing about 45 of those 60 days. We’re not going to hit that somewhat aggressive goal, but we might not be that far off.

As I’ve mentioned, we found a house. There’s a story to tell there – another time. But in almost lightning fashion after weeks of frustration, we found the place, got approved, signed the lease, and started to move in yesterday.

It’s now a two-front war. We still have stuff that has to go to storage – the new house is just a bit over half the size of our old one. That’s why it’s called “downsizing!” So there will need to be more trips to storage, which can be time consuming.

But now we get to start moving into the new house. A couple of loads of little stuff (dishes, clothes, linens, books, DVDs, etc) yesterday, another big load today. The “big move” will come on Sunday when we’ll have the pros in to move all of the furniture that needs two or three guys, none of whom are in their sixties, to move efficiently and quickly.

What that will do is clear out a lot of space and let us focus on what’s left. Some will get hauled to the new house (nearby, quick trips), some to storage (not so quick), and some directly to the trash (bins out at the street, standing by for your deposit!)

It’s been two months and more of prep, setting the stage. This weekend the curtain goes up.

Oh, and I’ve got a work event all day tomorrow, probably close to twelve hours out on the construction site. It’s a great event, one that I’ve written about before (search for “WE Build”) – but the timing could be better so far as getting the move done.

Sleep deprivation – ask for it by name, accept no substitutes!

We will prevail. I just reserve the right to be cranky while prevailing.

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