Moving Out & Moving On – May 26th

Three days to go. Escrow closes on Tuesday.

Probably 98% to 99% of everything is out of the old house. What’s left in there now is a lot of the “miscellaneous” stuff, the odd-sized things that didn’t fit into standard sized boxes, the things that didn’t stack and order easily.

I’m still throwing out an amount of stuff that’s either discouraging or encouraging, depending on your point of view. It’s encouraging that it’s getting thrown out and not continuing to take up space in storage or the new garage – it’s discouraging to think that it probably all could have been tossed out ten years ago or more.

Better late than never.

I’m not getting that “relief” or “rush” that the pop culture cults of decluttering seem to promise as I throw things out. I am getting much more ruthless about sending things off to the landfill after I realize that, despite my disdain for the disposable and consumer-driven culture, it really is faster, easier, and cheaper to toss the old or damaged items rather than try to repair them or salvage them.

I am also finding a number of things that I KNEW were stored away someplace, but couldn’t ever find for years. For example, the controller for my Celestron 5″ telescope.

Finally, I love the things that have me saying, “What the hell is this and who would have given it to me and when, since I sure as hell wouldn’t have every gotten it for myself!!” I’m too embarrassed to even mention the “best in class” here, but it does bring a proper sense of perspective to the whole process.

Seventy-two hours and counting.

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  1. I have to start doing this. I know what you mean about the recycling… sometimes the waste bin is so much easier.

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