Corvid Report – May 25th

They’ve vanished.

It’s weird, the first week that we were here you literally could not go outside AT ALL, EVER during daylight and not have at least two or three crows barking at you and flying over to some spot above the yard to keep an eye on you. EVER!

Then we had the wounded crow, and the great shitting all over the bench on our front porch incident, at which point I put a sheet over the bench to protect it. The wounded crow refused to sit on the sheet, hopped over to the neighbor’s yard, and hasn’t been seen in three days.

But all of the other crows vanished with him.

It’s really weird.

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One response to “Corvid Report – May 25th

  1. Corvids are very social animals and are always likely to look after an injured ally, especially a youngster or a senior citizen. They have their pecking order too, so this could have been a venerable comrade who has now departed, and they have gone back to their business.

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