There are a lot of things pulling and tugging at my priorities and time right now. The end result is that I’m feeling adrift, cut off from my usual routines and the anchors and predictability that our daily schedules provide.

Part of it is the move – while we’re out of the old house, there’s still a ton of unpacking to do, as well as dealing with a garage and three storage spaces full of “stuff” that got put there out of a lack of time in the rush to get out of the old house by the deadline. There’s a roller-coaster like thrill to meeting that deadline, then the plunge downward as you realize that’s only maybe a third of the total task.

Part of it was the trip last week, then trying to catch up at work (where we’ve had our own “challenges” for months) and again, while those challenges are wrapping up, now it’s time to deal with everything that got put on the back burner while that was going on.

Part of it is the hangar, where the volunteer work there got put on the back, back, back, back, back burner while I dealt with work and the move – but none of it went away.

Throw in some serious lack of sleep issues and the fact that I’ve been playing bachelor for a few days after getting back from Virginia…

Faith is needed. Faith that by just drifting I’ll end up where I need to be, even if it’s not where I knew that I needed to be.

Faith is not my strong point.

We’ll see.

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  1. Just take it one step at a time. You know how high up the stress list moving house is – and adapting to the change takes time.

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