A Piano Riff To Make You Smile

I’ve mentioned it before (here and here) but when you’re really exhausted and down and sort of looking for the end of the rope so you can tie a knot in it and hang on for dear life and your random music stream is sort of puttering along with blah blah blah tunes, load up Supertramp’s “Child of Vision.” Turn it up to about a 7 and get into it. Sing along. Close your eyes. (Not if you’re driving! Jeez, how stupid are you?) Get ready. It’s coming. Got your finger on the volume?

There it is. About 3:37. The piano solo, one of the all time greats.

Punch that volume!

Sure, you’re wearing the good headphones and your ears may start to bleed a bit. Or you’ve got the big speakers on and the people in the next county will complain when they see you at the Denny’s on Sunday morning.

Not to worry. It’s worth it.

The rhythms and back and forth between the different lines at about 5:35? They’ll have you playing along with those imaginary black & whites that only you can see on the edge of your desk. What, you say that you can’t play a note? On this you can – I won’t tell.

Ah, there’s the saxophone  counterpoint as it starts to fade out. Sweet.

Hit “repeat.”

What, that was already the fourth or fifth listen in a row. Okay, if you must. Let it go and see what the Shuffle brings up next.

“Travel Suite – Happy ‘Cause I’m Coming Home” from Chicago. One of the best flute solos this side of “Thick As A Brick.”

For a few brief minutes here in my head it’s going to be okay.

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