Pillow Defenses

If one builds a pillow fort to crawl into, what is one being protected from?

After all, fortresses are built to defend against outside forces and keep things safe inside, right? Leaving aside the structural effectiveness of pillows vs. stone vs. steel, if you’re building a pillow fort and putting something valuable in it (i.e., you, and maybe a special friend who knows the secret password and doesn’t have cooties), what are you defending them from?

When you’re a kid it’s probably your parents, your siblings, and of course, the aforementioned cooties. But what about when you’re an adult and you need a pillow fort? What are you trying to defend yourself from?

The news?

Being an adult?

Your job?

Your bills?

Or, to sum it all up, reality?

Someplace warm and soft with snacks and a good book and no news, no adulting, no job, no bills, no reality – that does sound pretty good.

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