Up At 7:00

One thing I’ve noticed, which is just the cherry on the topping of my hatred for Daylight Saving Time, is that I’m still waking up every morning at “7:00.”

Or, at least, at what used to be 7:00. Based on where the sun is and when it rises and so on. But since we “fell back” almost three weeks ago the reality is that it’s 6:00 AM, not 7:00 AM.

Yet almost every day, my brain stem sees the light and wakes me up within a minute or two of 6:00 AM PST / 7:00 AM PDT, often with a touch of panic because my sleeping brain thinks that the alarm didn’t go off and I’m late.

Almost every day, it takes a few seconds and then I realize what happened. Then I’m trying to get back to sleep for that extra hour of shuteye that I so desperately need. I’m not even getting any slack from my subconscious on weekend days or holidays.

Stupid brain.

Stupid mornings.

Stupid DST.

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