Another New Neighbor Met

I’m a friendly guy. I like meeting & knowing my neighbors. I get that the whole “no one in LA knows their neighbors” meme contains a large grain of truth, but that doesn’t mean that I think that it should be that way or that I want it that way in MY neighborhood.

Since we moved into the new house in May I’ve been making an effort to say howdy and meet the neighbors, with some moderate success. In addition, the brush fire two weeks ago helped double the number of people I’ve met and swapped contact information with – packing your cars to evacuate as a team building exercise might lack something in subtlety, but it’s very effective.

But there’s one elusive resident that has resisted every effort of mine for introductions. I’ve seen her now and then and tried to talk to her, only to have her run away. I’ve even seen her in the back yard peeking in through the sliding glass doors into the kitchen and bedroom, then running like hell when she saw me looking.

But this afternoon while I was putting up some more lights outside, she finally decided that I was probably mostly harmless and came over to say hello. She might have also thought that I looked like a softie who could be hit up for some treats. (This is an accurate assessment, but without any advance warning, I didn’t today.)

After an appropriate amount of cautious sniffing and then some rubbing of her head and neck against my hands to mark me as hers, a little scratching behind the ears, it turns out she’s a total little attention slut. I don’t go for the belly rubs on the first date my new feline friend, especially since you appear to be fully clawed and you might have one of those spots which I don’t know about – maybe next time.

She’s very pretty, grey and white striped, with white paws. No collar so I have no idea if she’s feral or just an outdoor cat – I suspect the latter since she seems well fed and well cared for.

Given the owls and the hawks around here, maybe she wants to be a little bit more cautious about being out in the open. On the other hand, maybe if I’m going to be out in the yard for the day I’ll put some treats in the garage.

I can already tell that it’s going to be a complicated relationship.

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