Tree Fred

Faithful readers will remember that at the old house we had all sorts of California alligator lizards living in the yard. We named them all “Fred.” (Pictures here, here, here, here, here, and so on.)

When we first moved to the new house in May, I was delighted to see some living in the yard here, some of which were “Freds” and some of which were “Bubbas”. It has however been weeks since I’ve seen of of our reptilian yard dwellers. I was starting to get worried.

Today it was warm and sunny and while doing dishes I noticed the large “Tree Fred” out sunning himself (herself? how does one tell?) on the trunk.

When I first came out Tree Fred scurried and hid.

But patience is a virtue and he came back out.

I was moving very slowly so as not to spook him. (And I had my big, 300mm telephoto lens.)

Tree Fred kept a close eye on me, but allowed a few photos from about ten feet away.

I was happy to see that the birds & other critters haven’t eaten all of the lizards! Circle of life and all of that, but I like having Freds and Bubbas in the yard!

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