Stupid Brain

Hi, there!

This is the stupid brain speaking, the one which is now being allowed to freely associate since I only have four minutes left before midnight and I’m the one that couldn’t get out of my own way all freaking night like a car stuck in first gear and then all of a sudden hit the LUDICROUS SPEED button at about 22:30 and a logjam that’s been bugging the crap out of me for weeks all of a sudden revealed the solution and it turned into a giant game of matching figures and sorting this huge Excel file over and over as I eliminated matching entries like a high-tech version of that kid’s game where you match pictures (wasn’t there a TV game show version of that, probably with Gene Rayburn hosting?) and once I got into it I reminded myself about every five minutes, “Don’t forget, you’ve still got to post something tonight!” but I had no idea what to post and all of a sudden it’s 23:55 and “HOLY SHIT!” so here I am.

I’m glad that the logjam got broken.

It sucks that I have a stupid brain.

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One response to “Stupid Brain

  1. Yesterday I failed to name five plants in my garden and two famous people on a well known tv programme. As of this morning, I’ve succeeded in remembering the name of one plant and one person.
    I’m beginning to worry.
    I’m sure it’s just a logjam, though. I must practise naming plants daily until the logjam breaks.

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