Over The Hump

After being obsessed with a huge project for weeks (ever since we got back from Kansas City at New Year’s) and spending pretty damn near every non-critical moment (i.e., The Long-Suffering Wife’s cancer treatment came first, then my paying job, then Chiefs games, then “The Project”) slaving away it, I’m finally over the hump and can move back to other things.

It’s a really weird feeling. Almost like I’ve forgotten how to not be going at 50K RPM 24/7/365.

Literally. Every. Single. Day. Family taken care of? Check. Not at the office? Check. Chiefs not playing right this second? Check. Time to get to work on “The Project.” Until at least midnight, often later. All weekend. Every day. Every weekend.

Because there was that hard deadline coming up. Can we get it changed or rescheduled? No. But I’ve got these other issues and my wife… No. But… NO!

So — I didn’t quite hit the deadline. It was due Monday morning, I finally got it done last night. There’s some angst over that, but I’ll deal with that. Or, more to the point, they’ll have to deal with it.

*breathe* (again) Repeat as necessary.

I’ve heard it said about writing a book that, “A novel is never finished, merely abandoned.” (I searched for the quote, found a lot of variations – YMMV.) Ditto for this. As it winds down my brain keeps coming up with, “But you should have…” and “You forgot to fix…” and “Wait, this is still…”

Whatever. By definition, it’s done.

For the observant, this might also explain some of the subtext in the last seven weeks’ posts. Yes, it’s been an ordeal.

It’s behind me, and if the next ordeal starts tomorrow (it will!) then I’ll deal with it on its own.

So tonight I felt guilty about sitting in front of the idiot box for a couple of hours and surfing my Twitter feed. You can take the boy out of the Catholic Church, but you can’t always take the voices of those nuns out of the boy.

I’ll survive. I’m sure I’ve got plenty of other things that still have to get taken care of after I take a breath.

Shit, are my Christmas lights still up??!! (They are.)

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