Stunning Revelations

No, not the ones in Game of Thrones. (I know, Aria getting what she wants, if you know what I mean, right?)

I’ve occasionally bemoaned missing a day’s post – let’s take it as a given that I’m ever so slightly psychotic and anal and go from there, shall we? And I’m trying to to bitch about it, it only happens once a year or so on average, so quit being slightly psychotic and anal, all right? An excellent plan!

I knew that I had missed posting on the 24th, but I let it slide. No elevated blood pressure. No angst.

I – am – a – calm – pool…

Then something caught my eye today. I apparently missed posting on the 12th and the 18th as well, and I was 100% blissfully ignorant of it?!

I  –  AM  –  A  –  FREAKIN’  –  CALM  –  POOL  –  DAMN  –  IT!!

At this point it’s not really that I missed posting three times in a two-week period (gee, phrasing it that way doesn’t help, does it?), it’s that I missed the first warning sign, and the second. Which immediately begs the point…

How many other warning signs am I missing?

Breathe. In. Out. Use that Apple Watch thingie to focus on my breathing and while I’m at it, please stop cussing out the Apple Watch thingie. Besides, I doubt it’s physically possible for it to do that since it doesn’t have that orifice. Just sayin’…

Be calm. Listen to some music. What do I like? What’s my go-to music for being calm. What do I listen to about twice a week just to make me happy and calm me down?


Wait, it’s been how many weeks since I listened to “Hamilton”?

I  –  AM  –  A  –  FREAKIN’  –  CALM  –  POOL  –  DAMN  –  IT!! (“Calm pool” bursts into flames…)

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