I Think I’ve Been Scraped

Interesting couple of interactions with people who claim to have “discovered” this site and be very impressed with what I’m doing.

I’m skeptical. It’s my default position, doesn’t let me down often.

One person was putting together a clickbait article on American tourists and how we confuse the locals in other countries. They wanted to use one of my pictures and link to the article. They gave me credit, so fine. I’m not a huge fan of clickbait, but given the tone of the article and the picture they want to use (let’s see if you can figure out which picture…), I can see the validity of their request.

Then there’s the sales call and email at work. This is very much my personal site, but I got emails and a call at work. It’s not a secret where I work, but I don’t think I’ve ever given out my work email address or phone number here, so I had a little yellow flag popping up when they showed up.

Also, both the emails and the phone calls took pains to praise me on three or four particular points about the site. As in, it sounded like the sales person was trying to be very personal – but was reading the email and then doing improv off of it.

It was very tempting to start asking her questions about what part of the site she liked other than the three or four mentioned and which recent article she liked. And did she really like my series of articles about flying first class to Australia last year? (I’m sure she did…)

It will be interesting to see if she comments on this article. As I said, a card-carrying cynic.

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