Time To Get Help

If you saw the screen shot I had last night of the Apple exercise app on my phone, and you understand what what 24 of 24 blue bars mean, then you’ll know what an issue it might be if you were to be told that I have another one JUST LIKE IT today. And that Friday’s picture shows solid blue bars from 09:00 to midnight.

That’s 64 straight hours where I was up and about. Meaning that’s 64 hours where I wasn’t “offline” for that entire time, or as we simple humans like to refer to it – “asleep.”

The problem was this bug that I had picked up. I thought it was basically a cold, but if so it was the worst, most vicious virus that I had ever fought with. When I would try to fall asleep, I would be woken by coughing, coughing that I couldn’t stop, coughing that had me gasping for air. When that’s happening over and over all night long, night after night, you get really sleep deprived, which makes it even harder to think straight.

Since I didn’t know what to do to stop the coughing to begin with, I had no idea how to solve it.

So today I went for help. Back to the Urgent Care facility, in part to get better drugs, in part to have them run some test to make sure this battle of the bug hadn’t devolved into pneumonia, which would have been even worse.

It’s not pneumonia. I got better drugs. And now I’ll never be the US Olympics team.

I am fading so damn fast… Please let there be about twelve hours of sleep tonight, and not in 48 bite-sized chucks!



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2 responses to “Time To Get Help

  1. Poor you. Can you sit up and get some sleep – in a recliner or something?

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    • Thanks, I wish, tried that. Made it easier to watch TV at 3AM, but didn’t help the coughing. The drugs I got yesterday at Urgent Care on the other hand… (“Wow, maaan! The colors! I can taste them!”)


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