Mystery 2021 Model Something-Or-The-Other

SoCal being SoCal, we’ll occasionally see one of these on the road:

This is most likely a prototype, pre-production version of some sort of big-name sports car. It might be a 2021 model undergoing testing of some sort.

The bizarre paint scheme (actually just some sort of glued on sheets, sort of like that weird shelf paper our mothers all put in the kitchen cabinets) is designed to make it hard to discern the exact shape and contours of the vehicle. The car manufacturers need to get some real world test data, but they don’t want anyone in the real world to know what it looks like until the advertising gurus pop up with the appropriate marketing campaign, probably at some world class auto show.

We were stuck in stop-and-stop traffic, so I had plenty of time to gawk. You’ll notice that even if you peek in the window, the dashboard, instruments, and pretty much EVERYTHING is covered up.

If traffic had been just a bit more horrible, it would have been tempting to hop out and see if one of those camouflage sheets had a loose end available for a good, hard tug. Just ’cause, don’t you know!

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