Two Steps Forward, Three Back

I might be doing that wrong.

But it would explain a lot.

As discussed from time to time earlier, the lessons learned in training for and running marathons need to be remembered when not necessarily running a marathon in the literal sense, but most certainly running one in the figurative sense.

Some times you run slower than you planned, but you keep running. Some times you can’t keep running, but you keep walking. Some times it’s simply enough to stay on your feet until things improve.

It’s easy to get discouraged with so much to get done, so little obvious progress, so little rest or sleep, and so many frustrating things just waiting to spark anger.

Some days, just getting through it has to be enough.

Tomorrow’s another day. Maybe it will be better. Maybe it will just be another day to stay on your feet. Or maybe it will be a day you get knocked down and just want to stay there.

Get up.

Stay up.

Keep moving.

When you have to be, you’re stronger than you know you can be.


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2 responses to “Two Steps Forward, Three Back

  1. Having just submitted a short story, then turning to my emails, I appreciate this wisdom. The short story has been hard to get around to after rewriting my 9th Princelings book and re-editing it. There’s another short story waiting in the wings, also with a deadline looming. It’s a marathon. I’m on the last stretch …
    Thanks 🙂

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