Paper Or Plastic?

They say one should never make a decision in anger. (They also apparently say you should never make a promise when happy, but that sounds like bullshit.)

Tonight, I shouldn’t be allowed to answer the question that titles this post.

I know it will pass. But like Spock in the first JJ Abrams “Star Trek” after Kirk finally gets under his skin (and his planet and millions of his people including his mother have been killed – details) I’m probably better off counting backwards from 1,000 in German.

That’s what an adult would do.


Neunhundert neun und neunzig

Neunhundert acht und neunzig

Neunhundert sieben and neunnzig

Neunhundert sechs und neunszig

Neunhundert fünf und neunzig

Neunhundert vier und neunzig

Neunhundert drei und neunzig

Neunhundert zwei und neunzig

Neunhundert ein und neunzig

Neunhundert neunzig…

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