Wait, I Posted “Adult Content”??!!

This morning I got an email from Tumblr.

The problem I’m having with the hallucinations is that they’re apparently not the “fun” or “colorful” kind – they’re the ones where I go wild and crazy and post adult content on my site but don’t remember it.

Wait – do I even HAVE a Tumblr account? Half wondering if this was some very clever and sophisticated phishing scheme, I clicked on the link to see what “adult content” I had posted.

C’mon, folks!! Even if I hadn’t been wearing pants when my phone went rogue, this STILL wouldn’t have been “adult content!” “Objectionable,” sure. “Disgusting,” possibly. “Nauseating,” without a doubt. But “adult”???

So I disputed the characterization and figured I would get a decision in about three weeks. Maybe.

Three seconds (literally) later, I got this.

Wow, I feel much safer now. Don’t you?


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2 responses to “Wait, I Posted “Adult Content”??!!

  1. Who knew that ‘leg’ would trigger a safety warning.
    Then again, in the early days when I lived in and wrote about the things I did in Essex, I was constantly being pulled up for posting rude words. 🙂

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