Whack Jobs

I found this snippet that I wrote two weeks ago and then set aside, deciding that it was one of those things that was good to write and get off my chest, but probably not appropriate for a part of that evening’s post.

I’m not sure exactly why I didn’t just delete it – there’s no doubt something subconscious going on. Something like my muse being smarter than I am, or at least more insightful.

It was a relatively small thing that happened and by no means whatsoever do I think that it’s even 1% of 1% of 1% of the harassment and abuse that many people (primarily women and people of color and LGBQT folk and so on – go figure!) get online just for existing. I am absolutely in awe of the people who put up with death threats, doxxing, rape threats, swatting, and so much more, yet still keep telling their stories and fighting for their rights. I don’t know that I could do that, especially with 60+ years of white, male, middle class, Catholic (recovering!) privilege ingrained into my cells.

I’m not being denied any rights nor do I have to defend my existence – I’m just not terribly good at suffering idiots or keeping my peace when confronted with fucking idiots. (See flat Earthers, moon landing deniers, anti-vaxx crusaders, and my new favorite, climate change deniers.) Occasionally I can’t hold it in with some particularly egregious morons. I don’t ever expect any of these ideological fanatics to listen to me and say, “Oh, wow, thanks for pointing out those facts, I’ll change my mind now!” But if they spout bullshit online and no one challenges them, if no one points out the actual facts and gives references to the evidence, then their delusional fantasies and conspiracy theories can grow and gain life. I can take a few seconds here and there to cast a blow or two against the Rise of Stupidity.


A general note for everyone, especially those following me on Twitter – if you try to convince me that climate change is fake or, worse yet, actually a conspiracy by the U.N. to take over the U.S., I may or may not mock you mercilessly and point out that you’re in need of psychiatric help or that you’re lacking an IQ that’s bigger than your shoe size, and then I will block you forever and with extreme prejudice. Life is way, WAY too short to put up with batshit crazy people like that. And if you then sic your followers on me to start sending me “proof” of your whackjob bullshit theories, I’ll block them too. I’ll do it so fast that I probably won’t even take the time to tell them to fuck off first. Again, life’s too short.

And now you know!

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