On All Day

After a long day of being “on” from the word “go” with staff out sick and critical deadlines that had to be met anyway and meetings that I had to be prepared for and even more “ON!” for…

…it was wonderfully calm and cool with a little breeze and there were lines of puffy clouds when I finally fled the office.

Both west and east. I wished that I could be a hawk and go up and spin and circle through them just for the joy of it.

Instead I was just the geeky, weird dude standing in the parking lot taking pictures of clouds and making the other folks in the building think that maybe they should avoid sharing an elevator with me because who knows what other bizarre, non-conventional, freakish behaviors I might be capable of.

Their loss.

They also didn’t bother to notice the clouds.

How droll to be them!

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Filed under Photography, Weather

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