I’m Getting Gas Over Gas

What the hell happened??!!

(Images from GasBuddy.com)

Things were okay all summer, at least by LA standards. Yeah, I know that gas is almost a buck a gallon cheaper in most of the country, and in some places more than that, but for LA, hovering steadily at about $3.67/gallon is okay. That’s the average for the area – I was usually finding it for about a dime less in the West San Fernando Valley.

Then it started to creep up.

Then it exploded last week!

There’s a couple of places near work where the cheap stuff, unleaded regular, self serve, is $4.25/gallon. We’re not talking about Beverly Hills here, or some “oasis” station in a “gas desert.” We’re talking about a place on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills with another station across the street and two more within a mile in either direction!


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One response to “I’m Getting Gas Over Gas

  1. Welcome to the world.
    It sounds like your oil industry is waking up to the issues the rest of us have been facing. Oil is not an unlimited resource.
    As for price… We’ve been paying £1.25 per litre, (and up to 1.39 last year) which is about £5 a gallon, for the last ten years. At motorway service areas you’d be paying £1.44 most of the time.
    Over that time the £:$ ratio has dropped from about 1:1.60 to more or less parity.
    So, no, I have no sympathy for you! Get a hybrid. Get more fuel-efficient cars.
    Start saving the world, because it’s the only one we have.
    Rant over. xxx

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