Halloween 2019

It’s one night in particular when I miss the old house.

We always had hundreds of kids coming by. Families. Teenagers. Little kids. Pets.

If it was clear we always brought out the telescopes and let everyone take a look. It was magical.

No more. Last year I think we had a small handful of trick or treaters, a dozen at the most.

This year, not a single person stopped by. We’re at the top of the hill and off on a side street, but I didn’t even see anyone on any of the streets leading into our tract when I drove home.

Maybe it’s the fires. There’s another big one going off tonight, over 5,000 acres already in just a few hours. The “good” news for us is that it’s off in
Ventura County and doesn’t seem to be a threat to our wedding plans for Saturday.

Let the partying begin. Halloween’s over and was something of a bust (although we did have a fun Halloween lunch party at my new office!)…

…but the wedding weekend is going to be AWESOME!

Hello, November!

Let the partying begin!

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